Lantic Mining

Lantic Mining is a trading name of Lantic Trading Ltd.


We started as three friends who mined bitcoin as a novelty just over five years ago with the wheezing CPU’s we had in our home desktops. For the next two years we made pretty much every mistake possible (short of buying any infamous pizzas!) but throughout this learning period maintained a belief in the benefits and future of decentralised crypto currencies.


We are still fascinated watching the numbers in our wallets creep upwards and impatiently hitting ‘refresh’ far too often when testing a new clock speed, voltage, machine or algorithm and are now using our experience to help others experience the same excitement and reward of building their own crypto currency portfolios.


Whilst we aren’t going to save any rainforests or endangered species we do only use electricity from renewable sources in our farms.


We aren’t finance professionals and can’t advise on whether investing in crypto or mining is the right decision for your present or future circumstances. If you aren’t sure whether crypto is right for you then we would genuinely urge you to speak to a financial advisor before making any decisions. Crypto currency can offer some amazing returns but equally comes with no guarantees and any money you invest is at risk no matter what the past performance indicates.


Thanks for considering us to be a part of your crypto adventure and, as ever, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.