Our Services

Rig Planning

ASICS, GPU, CPU or Rental

Taking into account your budget, long/short term objectives and risk profile we will advise on the best hardware options for you.


Rig Design

Intended for GPU rigs or larger ASIC farms – we design the rig based on budget and required return on investment. With our larger purchasing volume and existing relationships with manufacturers we can often secure preferential pricing and ‘first batch’ rigs.


Rig Setup

Including rig building, BIOS setup, Linux/Windows OS, pool settings, miner settings and GPU clock/voltage/power adjustment and optimisation.


Rig Hosting

If you don’t have a space to run your own rigs then we can add them to one of our existing farms. Usually this would be taken alongside our Rig Setup and Rig Maintenance services however VPN access can also be enabled for you to adjust your rig’s settings remotely.


Rig Maintenance

(Available only with Rig Hosting)

We take responsibility for monitoring of the rig for software and hardware issues to minimise any downtime. Monitoring is automated with 24/7 human response. Spares holding is subject to prior agreement however if spares are not immediately available then we will endeavour to restore the rig with as much functionality as possible (for example by disabling a faulty GPU or hash board) until spares are available. This service also includes switching pools/algorithms/coins as required to maximise profitability.


Public and Private Pools

We host public and private (for solo mining) pools with coins added on request. Private pools have no mining fees and only a one time setup cost. Public pools have variable fees and payments are per share upon finding a block.


Genesis Mining

We offer an alerts service for genesis mining of new coins alongside setup of a public or private pool for the coin.



We host your masternode on our servers whilst you retain control of your wallet and private keys. We also offer investment opportunities in shared masternodes.